11 Clever Hidden Paper Towel Holder Ideas for a Kitchen

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Keeping a kitchen tidy and organized can be a challenge, especially when it comes to items like paper towel holders that are essential yet not always visually appealing. Luckily, there are numerous creative ways to conceal paper towel holders while maintaining their functionality. In this article, we will explore 11 clever hidden paper towel holder ideas that will elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen while keeping your paper towels easily accessible.

Why Conceal Paper Towel Holders?

Paper towel holders are practical kitchen accessories, but their traditional designs may not blend well with every kitchen style. Concealing paper towel holders not only enhances the overall look of your kitchen but also helps in utilizing space effectively. Concealed holders keep the paper towels within reach while avoiding confusion & untidiness on countertops or walls, giving your kitchen a cleaner and more organized appearance.

1. Magnetic Strip Paper Towel Holder

Magnetic Strip Paper Towel Holder

A magnetic strip paper towel holder is a sleek and space-saving solution. Install a metal strip on the inside of a cabinet door or the kitchen wall, and use magnetic holders to keep the paper towels in place. This hidden setup ensures that the paper towels are easily accessible while remaining out of sight.

2. Under-Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Under-Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Mounting a paper towel holder under the kitchen cabinets is a classic yet effective method. It saves counter space and offers a neat way to conceal the holder. You can find various designs, including those that allow you to slide the paper towel rolls in and out for effortless replacement.

3. Wall-Mounted Shelf Paper Towel Holder

Wall-Mounted Shelf Paper Towel Holder

Integrating a paper towel holder into a wall-mounted shelf is an innovative approach. The shelf can hold kitchen supplies or spices while also concealing the paper towel holder. This setup provides both practicality and a seamless appearance.

4. Behind-the-Door Paper Towel Holder

Behind-the-Door Paper Towel Holder

Maximize space by installing a paper towel holder on the inside of a cabinet door. This hidden placement keeps the paper towels within reach while keeping them hidden when the cabinet door is closed.

5. Drawer Paper Towel Holder

Drawer Paper Towel Holder

Opt for a built-in paper towel holder within a drawer. This design is perfect for a clean and uncluttered kitchen. Simply pull out the drawer when you need a paper towel, and push it back in when done.

6. Hanging Basket Paper Towel Holder

Hanging Basket Paper Towel Holder

Hang a stylish basket on the side of a kitchen island or a cabinet, and place the paper towel roll inside. This creative solution adds a touch of charm to your kitchen while cleverly concealing the paper towels.

7. DIY Leather Strap Paper Towel Holder

DIY Leather Strap Paper Towel Holder

For a rustic and trendy look, create a DIY paper towel holder using a leather strap. Attach the leather strap to the underside of a cabinet or a shelf, and slide the paper towel roll onto it. This simple and elegant design will add a unique touch to your kitchen.

8. Farmhouse-Style Wooden Box Paper Towel Holder

Farmhouse-Style Wooden Box Paper Towel Holder

Transform a wooden box into a hidden paper towel holder. Decorate the box according to your kitchen’s style, and insert the paper towel roll. This farmhouse-style setup blends well with various kitchen aesthetics.

9. Built-In Paper Towel Dispenser

Built-In Paper Towel Dispenser

Consider installing a built-in paper towel dispenser in your kitchen island or counter. This concealed option will keep your paper towels organized and easily accessible without disrupting the kitchen’s appearance.

10. Hidden Paper Towel Holder in a Drawer Pull-Out

Hidden Paper Towel Holder in a Drawer Pull-Out

Integrate a paper towel holder into a pull-out drawer. This clever idea ensures that the paper towels remain hidden while also being within arm’s reach.

11. Creative Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser

Creative Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser

Design a unique countertop paper towel dispenser that complements your kitchen decor. Conceal the holder within the dispenser for a polished and sophisticated look.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these hidden holder ideas easy to implement?

Yes, most of these ideas are relatively simple to execute and can be customized to match your kitchen’s style.

Can I use regular holders and conceal them later?

While some regular holders can be concealed, it’s more effective to choose a design specifically made for hidden installation.

Will concealed holders fit all sizes of paper towel rolls?

Many concealed holders are designed to accommodate standard paper towel sizes, but it’s essential to check the dimensions before purchasing.

Can I still access the paper towels easily with these hidden holders?

Absolutely! These clever designs ensure that paper towels remain accessible for quick and convenient use.

Are there any other benefits to concealed holders?

Besides enhancing your kitchen’s appearance, concealed holders also protect paper towels from spills and splashes, keeping them clean and dry.


Concealing paper towel holders in the kitchen is a smart and stylish way to maintain a tidy space while preserving the functionality of this essential item. Whether you opt for a magnetic strip holder, a wall-mounted shelf design, or a DIY leather strap holder, each of these 11 clever ideas will enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics and organization.

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